James, we know that you were recorded in the 1901 Census at Hughton, together with your younger brother George, in the house of Kenneth Campbell, but we do not know what brought you to Kiltarlity. You attested for military Service at Inverness 19th March 1906 and enlisted into the 3rd Battalion of the Camerons, even though you had previously served in the Militia, 3rd GA. We do not know when you transferred to the 1st Battalion, but they had previously been involved in the fighting at Marne, the Aisne, 1st Ypres and Givenchy, but at the time of your death were involved in the fighting at Loos. Casualties in the Battalion totalled 364, and this would have included you. It is such a shame that your remains were not recovered from the battlefield. James, you were quite clearly a very keen soldier, and we salute you for your bravery. Rest in Peace. Terry and Harry.

Henry Harrison