Extract from the 1/4th Battalion War Diary - 28th June 1916

"On the 28th June 1916 a raiding party of 3 officers and 56 other ranks left our lines at the junction of Gambler Street with the fire trench at 5.35pm. The raid was preceeded by cloud gas and artillery fire. This party was working in conjunction with raiding parties from all Battalions in the Division. They advanced by two rushes to within a few yards of the enemy trenches, where they came under heavy fire and were held up. At 5.50pm they established communication with our lines and reported that they could go no further and were suffering heavy casualties. A Sargeant returned and reported that the enemy were in strong force and further progress was impossible. Major Crump ordered them to retire, which they did in good order in spite of losses which included the whole of the leaders."

In the raiding party ten were killed including Lance Corporal James Caton.


William Robinson