I am sorry that I do not know your Christian name. I am not aware of the precise circumstances of your death, nor what caused it, but, as a former soldier in the 1st Lincolns myself, doing my National Service in 1950, I am pleased to be given this opportunity to salute you as a brave soldier who lost his life in the service of his country. You were laid to rest in St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, where 62 other members of our regiment also were buried. Since St. Sever Cemetery and the Extension were situated in an area where there were 7 military hospitals, most of the casualties who did not survive their wounds were buried here.   So I do not know where your Lincolns unit was when you, sadly, suffered your mortal wound. I can but quote the memorial hymn again, “All you had hoped for, all you had you gave to save mankind – yourself you scorned to save.”  I trust that the Guard of Honour at your graveside fired the traditional salute to a fallen comrade. In addition to your gravestone at Rouen, I trust that you were also commemorated on your home town war memorial. My sympathy to your widow and other relatives who mourned your sacrifice.  Rest in Peace.  Harry.  

Henry Harrison