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William Ashworth Kay


Service No. 25780

Age 20

Died on 7 August 1917

York and Lancaster Regiment


Pas de Calais, France

Son of Mr. W. G. and Mrs. A. E. Kay, of 68, Carsick Hill Rd., Sandygate, Sheffield.

Remember William Ashworth



Charmain Patterson

You Awoke On A Summers Day, On A Field Far From Home, Stood Shoulder To Shoulder With Your Comrades To Step Into The Unknown. You Would Not Wake The Following Day, The Ultimate Price Paid, But I Shall Always Remember The Sacrifice You Made. Thank You

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Enid Skelhorn

William Ashworth Kay was my father's uncle - they never met as Ashworth died age 21, in 1917 before my father was born in 1930

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Poppy Snozcat

We will remember them. Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

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Enid Skelhorn

'cos Ashworth is my father's uncle

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Ashworth ws my fathers uncle

Enid Skelhorn

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