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Frequently Asked Questions


Why did I get no results for my search?

This can happen when you fill in lots of fields. Try putting in just one or two pieces of information. If you get a large number of results you can use the results filter to add some more information to narrow the search. The CWGC data we use may not be as complete or exactly match the information you have.

My great uncle Charlie died in the First World War, why can't I find him?

It was common in the early part of the 20th century for people to use their second or middle name especially if their first name was the same as their father. So your great uncle Charlie may have been William Charles or may only have his initials on his service record. Try searching without entering the first name.

I'm still have trouble searching for a commemoration, what can I do?

If you have tried the suggestions listed above and are still having problems, please call the Royal British Legion's Supporter Care Line on 0345 845 1945.

How is information submitted to the website moderated?

If you have any concerns about content decency, language and offensive material posted by anyone, or if you feel any information on the site is inaccurate, please call the Royal British Legion's Supporter Care Line on 0345 845 1945.

My relative's details are incorrect, it says age unknown. How can I get this updated?

The information in our database is kindly supplied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). If you would like casualty details altered in any way, please contact the CWGC on or 01628 507200, with full details of the war casualty in question.

For more information about data protection and privacy, please read the Royal British Legion's legal notice.